Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta believes his players would be able to make things difficult for Tottenham and Manchester United at the Stamford bridge. The upcoming three games are going to be extremely crucial for Chelsea as the results will decide whether they will be qualifying for the Champions League next season.

Stamford Bridge, once well known as the fortress for we seldom used to lose games at home, has been crumbling under the new managers and Azpilicueta thinks it’s time for the players to mend and fortify it yet again.

We haven’t made Stamford Bridge as solid as we would like this year. This is the best time to recover this solidity, with three big games in a row at home where we can show we are ready and able to make Stamford Bridge a tough place to come,” he told the club’s official website.

“With the fans we have had some disappointments at home altogether. When these three opportunities come we have to take them one by one, and hopefully we can build up on this. It’s key for the success of the season.”

Dave, as we call him, has been enjoying a great run of goalscoring form and would like to contribute more in this regard.

I have improved at my movement attacking set-plays,” he added.

“For most of my career I was not going up for attacking set-plays, but a few years ago I started, and then you improve. At training I work on my movements, getting into the right spaces.

“I have a determination as well. To be hungry is very important because I’m not the tallest. I’m pleased to score goals, even if it’s not my main job.”

What’s your best Stamford Bridge memory?


Ross is a computer science engineer, an MBA and an ardent Chelsea fan.

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